Well, ok, apart from the fact I’ve been off work with my back problem since November last year, today was my first day of unemployment.
And what did I do? Sleep. I ached from head to foot for some reason.
I am still trying to find a happy medium between doing enough exercise on my back, and not overdoing it. I know when I’ve over done it because I ache from head to foot.
Trying to read a 36 page document on Corporation Tax Self Assessment, and getting my 2004-2005 Personal Tax assemssment completed didn’t help. That was enough to put anyone to sleep.
I might import my old humour blog into this one later, or I might just create a new blog with its own layout.
I have to leave the Job Blog for a few more weeks because the Wall Street Journal are running an article on it and it would be my luck to take it down and break something just as they publish it.
It’s 22:05 and I’m off to bed. Can’t stand yawning anymore. I wouldn’t mind, but I didn’t get up until 2pm (after getting up at 8.30am and going back to bed at 9.00am). My 10 year old son has been off school for a while now with suspected Glandular fever, though his blood tests came back negative today, but did show he has/or had an infection. We’ve all been down with something in the last two months, and I’m wondering if we all have the same as him. It feels just like Glandular Fever with the tiredness and weakness. I keep thinking it was my back operation, but I am just totally knackered.