Today, I must have a go at fixing the menu as it appears in Firefox. I was sure I made it compliant, but for some reason it appears to the left of the screen in Firefox.
It works ok in IE, but I didn’t think there were any IE specific settings. It has been bugging me since I set up the menu and it will give me something to do.
It probably has something to do with the following, but I am tired and need to sleep so I’ll have a proper look later on:
if (window.showHelp){b_type = “ie”; if (!window.attachEvent) b_type += “mac”;}if (document.createElementNS) b_type = “dom”;if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf(“afari”)>-1)
b_type = “safari”;if (window.opera) b_type = “opera”; qmap1 = “\<\script language=\"JavaScript\" vqptag='loader_sub' src=\""; qmap2 = ".js\">\<\/script\>“;
;function iesf(){};;function vqp_error(val){alert(val)}
if (b_type){document.write(qmap1+cdd__codebase+
Also need to top up on the coal. It was freezing last night (literally !!). First frost of the winter down here. It has already begun snowing from the midlands upwards.