On the day I went into hospital, (8th April), Anne-Marie sent off my company formation documents to Companies House.
I received my company formation certificate today, so now its all legal.
CWIC Solutions Ltd is now legal, and now I have to spend a couple of weeks getting various things set up. I officially leave my present company on the 20th April, so I’ll be able to ‘work’ for myself without breaking any rules.
This will be my company logo.

The websites are all registered,
Email accounts are all set up on the .co.uk domain, but I’m still waiting for the .com to resolve properly.
The second letter I got in the post was address to the Managing Director of said company, asking me if I wanted to register domain names for it, set up email. Its not even an hour old and it gets its first SPAM (near as damn it! Half of what they were providing, I will be too, and my prices are a fraction of theirs. I’ve a good mind to send them a letter offering my services).
I’d better start thinking of what the damn thing is actually going to do now. I have a couple of directions I can take it, and I just can’t make my mind up. That’s my goal for the next week, to define the ‘vision statement’. At the moment, its vision could do with some of the Lasik surgury as described on Pauls site recently. Its a tadge blurred to say the least.