Over the years there has been a sort of competition between my cousin and myself about who can spend the most time in hospital.
While I was in hospital, my aunt phoned me up to wish me well and we were talking for a while. No-one dared mention the fact that since I was in hospital, it meant that it was my turn. People say things usually come in 3’s, but I totally dispute this, since I reckon with my run of rotten luck, its more like 3,333,333’s. I’d even say I avoid the number 3 I am so fed up hearing the ‘comes in 3’s saying’.
Well today has been my first full day at home. It was great to sleep in my own bed, (which actually fits. The hospital bed was not built for someone who is 6’3″, probably 6’4″ now I’ve had my back fixed).
I couldn’t sleep at first last night, so sat up and watched the Portland – Spurs game on Channel 5. (I am in the UK, so NBA games like this are a bonus. Side note, good to see the Mavericks doing well this season without Nash).
I found out today that my cousin has been admitted to hospital today for tests, probably on an ‘old’ injury. So he didn’t waste too much time in following on with our old game. Apart from giving me a laugh, it also has me pissed off, because it probably means that it is my turn again, and I’ve only just flaming come out of hospital. I just hope that I get a longer break this time. (I even thought about deleting that last comment incase I literally break something. Not that I am paranoid. Well too paranoid)>
The curse of the Perry’s as my wife calls it.