Things are going to look a little weird for the next couple of days.
I’m currently attempting to export my old blog posts from Blogger into Moveable Type.
Installing the free copy of MT was completely painless.
Exporting 40 posts from one of my blogs took about 3 or 4 attempts and about 20mins.
Exporting 160 posts from my main blog is taking over an hour so far and I don’t hold out much luck of it suceeding over night

I don’t know how I am going to attempt to export the 490 posts from my Job Blog into MT. That will take years on Bloggers past performance.
MT has the ability to use categories, so I have merged my technical blog (now called Technowotsits) with my main blog (now called General).
The humour blog ‘Tickling The Bone’ will be in its own blog, as will the job blog (if I ever get the damn thing exported).
I might have to cut down the number of posts that I export and just start again with MT. That won’t be so bad, since I have the orignal pages that Blogger posted, they’ll just be in a different format. I’ll create a link page back to them if need be. But then again, I might just blow it out of the window and start from scratch.
I wonder how I would stand if I asked Blogger to export all my content for me and send it to me. Who actually owns the content in ‘their’ database. I might send them an email and ask them where we stand on this. After a few recent posts on the Yahoo Blogger forum, I know it is possible to get them to delete the contents of the blog (which I thought was done just by deleting the blog. I’m not sure if deleting the blog clears the database and leaves the files on their servers (if, you host your blog on their machines).