Election 2004: “Kerry
calls Bush to concede ”

So it appears that Mr Bush has won, and won convincingly. Not only has he gained more of the popular vote than before, due to the high turnout, he has the highest number of popular votes every recorded by a presidential candidate.
So why were the press reporting this as a ‘too close to call’ race for the white house?
How much did the press actually influence the outcome of the election?
With the east coast voters beginning some hours before the west coats, do the early exit poll results not influence the outcome of the results on the west coast? I they here that one candidate is going to win in the east, does this effect their decision?
I reckon we will have 2 or 3 more weeks of news coverage on this before it all goes quiet again. By which time our UK press will be gearing up for the UK elections in 2005.
I personally like Bush for his beliefs and the way he appears to believe what stands and I’m glad he’s won. But then all the negative campaigning puts me off which ever candidate stands against him. I am so NOT looking forward to the Blair vs Howard (and that other Lib Dem guy, erm… Kennedy I think). I might move back to the US for 2005 and come back when its all over.