Ok, maybe I will go and have my back operation on April 8th instead.
Last Thursday I received a call from CIGNA at about midday to say that they would pay for the operation. and to celebrate, and due to the fact that I didn’t get too much sleep the night before, I went for a couple of hours snooze. I woke up at about 3pm to make sure the wife was Ok to go collect the kids from school, but I had a heck of a temperature and a headache on top. By about 6pm I was hit 104/40 and feeling like death warmed up. Flu really hits my back hard. It was at that time that I realised that the operation scheduled for the next day was no longer going to happen. Sure enough I spent most of Thursday night/Friday morning hopping in and out of showers/baths to try and cool down, but the fever was there to stay. By Friday 7.30 when I was expected to arrive at the hospital my throat had also closed up almost completely.
To say I was a tadge miffed was an understatement.
I called to let the hospital know and they understood. You can’t have an operation when you have a temperature under most circumstances because it is usually an indication of an infection somewhere within the body. There is a very high risk that when the surgeon creates the wound that any infection being carried in the blood will cause problems at the wound site, (exactly how MRSA causes hassles. Most of us carry it, and its only a problem when you get an open wound).
Saturday I went to HantsDoc at the local hospital which is where we have our weekend GP/doctors clinic. He took one look at my throat and threw a whacking dose of antibiotics at me.
Today is the first day I have felt half human enough to get out of bed and stay out of bed so they must be getting hold of the infection now.
So not only did I have a totally crap birthday on Thursday, I missed my operation on Friday, felt like crap all over the weekend, and now I have to wait until April 8th for the operation, and I get laid off from work on the 20th April.
Oh, and for anyone that read my previous post on MRSA, coincidently my wife finished 5 straight night shifts on the Wednesday morning before the day I got it.
Oh, and over half of the hospital is closed for deep cleaning now.
Visiting is restricted to essential and immediate family members, and no children are allowed unless special circumstances. There are bottles of disinfectant at every entrance.
Not that I want to put the blame on anyone, but she’ll be sleeping in the garage until after I have had my operation if I have my say.