Things are still so hectic around here at the moment.
The kids have all been off school this past week with the same flu bug that the wife and I had. All of the fevers have gone, to be replaced by extreme coughing fits by everyone (except me, the only smoker. And I don’t smoke in the house, so its not me).
In between eating and sleeping I have been working on a rather large document that I will eventually publish here or in my technical blog. It gives details on how to set up blogger, explains some of the settings of blogger, how to set up your own web server on your own domain, and how to set blogger up to use your own web server.
It will then go into detail about setting up a MoveableType blog on your own server, and explaining how to configure and use it. It will also detail how to import your blogs from blogger into MoveableType.
So you could read from the last paragraph that I am going to say goodbye to Blogger and move to MT (MoveableType). I will probably maintain a blog on Blogger, but I will be moving 4 of my blogs over to MT within the next few weeks. My priority is to get the help documentation out there first. The documentation project was born out of the help I have been giving someone to set up their blogs, and the idea is to get them self sufficient in the running of their web server and MT blog. I thought that publishing it might be of help to anyone else who is thinking of doing the same.
It also goes some way to describing the various elements of a blog, such as templates, categories, archiving and syndication of content. I’ve tried to keep the technical knowledge down to a very low level in order to let even the most basic users be able to follow it. (But that will remain to be seen once I get the documentation out there). Some of the content has also come from various questions that have appeared on the Blogger User Forum on Yahoo groups.