I happened across bassabids the other day in an industry news letter and nearly dismissed it.
But I read something that caught my eye.
The lowest unique bid wins the auction.

To quote from their web site:

The “lowest unique bidder” is the person who has bid the lowest amount that no other person has bid. When two people place the same bid, that number is no longer unique. When a person has a unique bid but there are others that are lower, then it’s not the lowest. To win any of bassabids online auctions, you must be the one with the lowest AND unique bid at the auction end – the “lowest unique bid”

There is also a much better explanation of the ‘ lowest unique bid‘ process on their site.

There are a number of free auctions and even the paid ones are only £1.50.
They are also developing an SMS bidding system which should be released in the near future.

Katie Batterman from USA recently won an IPOD Shuffle for £0.10 (see their List of current winners).

At the moment the site is 100% free whilst it is in beta testing phase, so pop over to bassabids, have a look around, register and make a bid (up to 10). It won’t cost you anything but your time and you could win an IPOD for absolutely nothing.