The derby, an all-Premier League tie, will be Redknapp’s first reunion
with his old club since quitting Portsmouth in November and taking
the Southampton hot-seat just two weeks later, infuriating Pompey fans.”
For some reason I have an old FGTH tune in my head. ( Two Tribes comes
to mind). I just hope that they close all the pubs within a 200 mile radius
because it could get ugly, and most of that will be down to the
gutter press.
I’d really like to see Pompey kick the scummer butt out of the park, but
after Southamptons revival against Liverpool last week
(2 – 0, I ask you … what is going on up there in Merseyside!!!).
Plus, I think the signing of Jamie Redknapp is a great move and I
never understood his failure at Tottenham (other than injury).
With Pompey looking to sign a new keeper in time for the game, I don’t
think he will be expecting a match like this one, talk about a baptism of
fire, (and again, I don’t think Ashdown is that bad, unless the new keeper
has been brought the gods with him!!)
The match is Live on BBC1at 12.10 – 14.35.
Final Score : 3 – 1 (H/T 2 – 0)
Bookings : Yellow 2 – 4, Reds 1 – 1
Goal Scorers: Redknapp, Crouch (2), Yakubu
Hospital Waiting Times in the Southampton area: 4 hours.