Today being my 38th Birthday, I’ll be going into hospital tomorrow to get my birthday present, a new ‘stable’ spine. I’d like one that doesn’t hurt like heck 99% of the time, preferably straight.
I’d also like one that comes with a life, because the current one has run out.
I was thinking of having my spine totally removed and going back into management, but I decided against that, as one of my criteria above was getting a new life with it, and the two just don’t mix.
But, I’ll be offline for at least a week, and hopefully I’ll be back home around the 16th, ready for St. Patricks Day on the 17th, when I’ll probably get hammered and do my back in again (except, I don’t drink, so that might be a tadge hard to do). Just have to make sure my wife doesn’t get me doing jigs and reels round the front room. Might be worth seeing what is on down at the Basingstoke Irish Club that night though. (I suspect I am going to be a little bit sore for a week or two. After the last operation, I had about 45 staples in my back and stomach… The surgeon must have had a discount at Office World that week).
I’m hoping the surgeon will be able to give me all the Titanium that he is going to remove to replace. It looks really weird on the X-Rays and scans, would be nice to see what has been knocking around my spine for the last year and the cause of all my grief lately.
Anyway… I’ll be back, with a back.