Fruit Machine Developers (C/C++, Real time Embedded)
We urgently require software engineers who have good gaming experience. Ideally you?ll have worked on fruit/gambling machines or some other related gaming machines. This company is going through a large expansion and is keen to add to their development team. This is a fantastic opportunity to become part of a very successful organisation.

I receive daily updates of vacancies in the defense industry and the one above dropped into my inbox this morning?
Now does this mean that they going to fit games machines into our ships.
Or it could be the new target aiming system being developed for the US Airforce. Most of the time their targetting was a lottery anyway. This explains it.
(And before you have a go at me, it was one of my mates on HMS Ark Royal who lost his hand after a US Harrier Pilot on exchange was hovering whilst coming into land, and hit the wrong button and dropped a 2lb training bomb on to the flight deck. It went through about 3 or 4 decks before exploding in one of the messdecks. And he was playing cards in at the time, thought I don’t think he quite meant to through his hand in just like that).