BBC NEWS | England | Oxfordshire | ‘Gay’ police horse case dropped

A student who called a mounted policeman’s horse “gay” will not be prosecuted, it has been revealed.

Homophobic comments that were made about a horse in public, which the police felt might have been offensive to other people passing by.

I think they were especially worried about what the other horses would say when the all got back to the stables. The said horse had already been having problems in his stables after recently being spotted attending the wedding of Elton John in Windsor a few weeks back.

It has also been alledged that the said horse had been receiving taunts from fellow stablemates about all of his George Michael Posters in his quarters.

The horses ride rwas not available for comment as he was due to appear at the local Village People Tribute concert later on that day and needed to locate a new pair of leather trousers (see JB’ he has a few spare pairs).

Give me a break, what were the police thinking about when they even started to take action against a 21 year old student obviously a bit worse for the wear after completing his finals at Uni.

Talk about a sense of humour failure. Wasn’t the policeman rather touchy about his horse? Apparently, there was only the one comment made about the horse and that was all it took. Nolt that I condon homophobic behaviour, but its a damn horse. Jeesh, if the horse were that offended it would have bitten him.

What a waste of public money !!

A warning would have been more appropriate if it deemed acknowledging at all.