One of the things I have been working on is a new blogging tool.
Whereas most blogging tools are PHP based and run on a web server somewhere, my new tool is a standalone application that is designed to run on your PC. (It still talks to a remote server, and has modules for talking to most bloggin applications such as blogger, but it doesn’t rely upon a web page for article submission. I’ll be able to reveal more when it is ready for release in a short while).
It has some quite nifty features and its nearly ready for Alpha deployment, but, the one main thing that it is lacking is a name.
I am thinking of starting a competition to find a new name for it. It’s a blogging tool for advanced and inexperienced users and has a few features to set it apart from the other tools that are around at the moment.
For a competition prize, I am going to offer a lifetime subscription to the un-named tool AND (woohoo) a new blog site set up (including a domain name registration, name of your choice). Once I get a few more details I will post something a little more concrete).
Likewise, anybody that comes up with a feature that I don’t already have in it, will also be given a lifetime subscription for the application.
Once it gets named, I’ll be releasing the website with all the details about it. But for now, I have to keep it under wraps for obvious reasons.