Not much posting been going on for the last wee while. Things have been a little hectic around here to say the least. I’ve had a couple of visits to casualty when my back has gone into such as spasm that I couldn’t stand it anymore. Needed to get a shot of the powerful stuff to sort it out.
Had to pop into work at the end of last week to get official notification that I am now on the provisional list for redundancy.
On Saturday I was in hospital in Farnham having some facet injections and I think this time they are beginning to work. I had 11 of these done in the US and never had the results like I am having now. I don’t want to have a go at the doc in the US, but I’m seriously wondering what the heck they were doing out there. I’m also pretty chuffed that I’ve found a very good surgeon over here, (currently working on my spinal problems).
I also received the phone call today arranging an appointment with my manager at work. This will be the meeting when they tell me how long I left in my job. I could be walked off site that day, or given a weeks notice, or in some cases people are being asked to work up to 4 months.
In a few days I’ll be posting quite a few updates as to what I intend to be doing in the near future.