I tell you what. If your doctor ever prescribes you tramadol for pain relief, then make sure you take it for no longer than a week. If you need it for longer, then insist you get the problem fixed that you are taking it for.

I am have recently stopped taking Tramadol after taking it on and off (more on than off), for almost 2 years and boy am I suffering from it.

I am probably going through the same withdrawal symptoms that you expect with more street drugs than a prescription drug.

I haven’t slept for the past 60 hours or so, and I am about to climb the walls.

One thing from this though is that I will never ever take another painkiller stronger than the stuff you can get over the counter ever again. I don’t think I could face coming off the stuff if this is what it is going to be like.

Second to that is the fact that they are looking very closely at the side effects of some of the modern drugs right now, one of which is Tramadol.

So my advice to you is NOT to take it in the first place. Take milder painkillers and get the problem sorted. If you are not going to get the problem sorted, then be prepaired to take tramadol for a very very long time.