ITV TV Guide: “21:00 The Man Who Sued God
Comedy starring Billy Connolly and Judy Davis. An ex-lawyer turned fisherman decides to take God to court after his fishing boat is struck by lightning. With Colin Friels. ”
hmm.. Its times like this that I really regret not getting Sky.
23:20 Match of the Day
Gary Lineker presents highlights from yesterday’s Premiership fixtures, including Chelsea’s game against Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge and Bolton Wanderers v Manchester United at Old Trafford
1:30 NFL Live
Miami Dolphins v Cleveland Browns (kick-off 1.30). Coverage of the game at Pro Player Stadium
But this is what I’ll be watching…
Miami (Won 3, Lost 11) – Cleveland (Won 3, Lost 11)
Should be a riveting game… or not…
I always was a fan of NFL and after living in Fort Worth, TX for 3 years I was able to go see the Dallas Cowboys a number of times. (The only trouble is, I still want to know what its like to watch a good team play).
Before Tx, I was a Bears Dan (Da Bears), but kidding aside, it was just great to be at the Cowboys stadium, and I met more brits there than anywhere else on my travels.
One of the reasons that I was miffed about coming back, was when Parcells came in as head coach. As a remote fan for many years, Parcells was one of the Giants that I followed.(no pun intended though no one over here will get it).
Parsells was synonymous with names like ‘The Refridgerator and Dan Marino etc. Not getting to see much NFL, those were the names of the game that regular made the press over here.
Parcells is the Redknapp of the NFL. He gives teams confidence, people play for him because they respect him, and his first season at Dallas was better than expected, but this season has been a little lack luster to say the least.
Any NFL is good while I am over here.
Dang (while I am in my Tx mode), I only meant to put up a short post about the TV schedule tonight.
More waffle than a Birds Eye factory…