A very nice person who added me to their list was wondering what trackback was all about so I thought I would test it out for them.
Basically, when you sign up for haloscan commenting, you also get a feature called trackback next to your comment.
There is a more detailed description of how to use trackbacks here, but here is a basic description.
When you stumble across a post that maybe you want to reference, but not leave a comment. Say for example, you read a post that gets you thinking and rather than comment you decide to write your own article and not comment. Well in the old days you would have left a comment maybe and said, go to my blog at www.yaps4u.net and read my thoughts.
With trackback, you write your article and then post it. You then fill out the trackback dialog box with your blog name, the perma link of your article, your post title and an excerpt from your item. The last box is a list of URL’s to ping. These are the perma link URL(s) of the other peoples blog that you want to trackback.
At the original posters item, the trackback count will now show (1), and when anyone clicks on it, it will show the new link to your article with the short summary.
And if that hasn’t confused the heck out of you, I don’t know what will.