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  • Conferences and Seminars with world-class speakers
  • Special Interest Groups
  • access to over 2000 book reviews
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  • What does The Association of C & C++ Users do?

  • C Vu containing general articles on C, C++, Java, embedded systems, hardware and software reviews,
    Windows and X-Windows programming, games programming and tutorial-style articles for newcomers.
  • Overload, focussing on advanced C++ issues and the implications of the latest standards.
    CAUGers, the C Acorn User Group, supporting users of C, C++ and Java on Acorn RISC OS computers.
  • Conferences and Spring Seminars – these are growing more popular year by year, and the conference
    has now been extended to 3 days instead of 2.
  • Join our team of Book Reviewers to help sort out the wheat from the chaff!
  • Standards – active support of standardisation efforts in C and C++.