Yes..I know, about every couple of weeks I find a new RSS Feed reader and think it is the dogs do dars, but this one is a real cracker.
I’m not an MS basher and I use Outlook a lot. This little gem of an application allows you to view all of your RRS Feeds from within Outlook. Its just like a news reader, except it takes its content from RSS feeds.
You can import all of your old OPML files and be up and running in minutes.
The best thing is I only need a single application for all of my communication needs again.

FutureGlue Products:
Feed reader for Microsoft Outlook
intraVnews is a state of
the art news aggregator that turns Microsoft Outlook into a news reader. With
intraVnews you can subscribe to any of 1000’s of syndicated feeds from personal
weblogs (Blogs) to mainstream news sources to specialist publications. intaVnews
is free for personal use.
intraVnews was conceived in 2002 by Remco Verheul
and Peter Bruinsma. The project was code named Feed Ferret and first developed
as an internal productivity tool. By late 2002, RSS was becoming widely adopted
by blogging aficionados worldwide. Around the middle of 2003, it was felt that
the time was ripe for intraVnews to compete with the multitude of ‘aggregators’
already available.
FutureGlue was chosen as a vehicle for marketing
intraVnews under the category ‘Micro content Solutions’. We are full of exciting
ideas in the micro content and personal publishing space that have never seen
the light of day yet.”