Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage: “LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A video game fan upset over a failed disc drive in his Xbox video game console has sued Microsoft Corp. MSFT.O on behalf of all Xbox owners across the United States..”
Several thousand kids have lost their parents in Iraq,
Millions of people are dying of famine and aids in Africa,
There are millions of people dying around the world and all you can do is winge about your disk drive on your Xbox…
Hmm… I think you need to get a life, or at least get in touch with a real one.
Ah, I get it, I bet it was your mum that burnt herself on ‘that’ cup of ‘Hot’ Coffee in McDonalds all those years ago. My apologies, you sad G1 T (For my boys, a G1 T is a type of car 😉 Now I am worried some daft sod is going to sue me over me lying to my kids now.