Well it was on the 25th of November…
The Manufacturer.com – Branston Pickle production “imminent”: “Branston Pickle production “imminent”
Production of Branston Pickle is to resume in the next few days, Premier Foods has announced.
Production came to a standstill last month when the Bury St Edmunds factory caught fire.
The company said it anticipated customer ‘short-term demand’ could be significant but added it was confident it could meet holiday demand as production was due to resume at Bury St Edmunds.
‘People won’t have to go out and desperately buy Branston for Christmas,’ the spokeswoman said. She said a run on the brand could result in current stocks – enough to cover about two weeks of sales – being sold much quicker than normal.
The company said it expected to restart some production within days and would move gradually to full production of all its products during December and January.
Firefighters said the blaze began when plastic bottles stacked close to halogen lights caught fire.”