I haven’t had a sleep in almost two and half days now 🙁
Its 21.48 and the kids are watching a video, but at 22.00, it is bed for all of us, except the wife who is at work.
Tiarnan, (my eight year old lad), learnt all about Earth Leakage Trips tonight.
Well all the kids did really. Tiarnan had just asked if he could make some honey on toast for his supper. No problem I said, well that was until 5 minutes later when all the lights went out.
All the PC’s are on UPS, but not the monitors, so the only light was from the open fire in the front room behind me. Cian (my ten year old eldest son had just got out of the shower upstairs), and Eilis (my five year old daughter) was beginning to panic in the dark.
Off I trot torch in hand to the garage to reset the breaker. On enquiring of number two son, what he had done, he informs me that he’d stuck the scissors into the toaster !!! I don’t think he’ll be doing that again in a rush, he was as white as a sheet. He didn’t get an electric shock and he just shorted the heater elements to the chassis, but he won’t be messing with electrics again for a while. Extra chores for him in the morning…
You’ would never have seen me doing anything stupid like that when I were a lad… (well maybe once or twice). If anyone of my kids was going to take after me, it’s going to be Tiarnan. He is already racking up the hospital visits. I must sit down and write a paper on the genetic traits of accident prone people, because there has to be a link there somewhere.