What the heck is that 73 year old doddering fart think he is doing. There he is surrounded by his entourage of money grabbing fancy women and he does not want Silvestone to host a Grand Prix.
Ok, Silverstone is the pits (no pun intended), but at least it is British Grand Prix.
Why did Brands Hatch ever lose the right to have the Grand Prix ? I can’t remember. Probably Silverstone paid more money.
It all comes down to money and the fact that other circuits / governments are willing to pay more for a Grand Prix. Ok, the residents around Silverstone won’t be crying, unless they happen to be one of the small businesses that make money out of it.
But a Grand Prix season without a British Grand Prix.. pah..
He’ll be banning M. Schumacher next for have Microsoft type Monopolies on the racing results, or for making the race boring. It would surprise me if he was offering him millions to retire early already.
It still beats me how one man can have so much power. I blame it on old age and too much viagra, its all gone to his head methinks.
Grand Prix organisers in bid to save race