This one caught my eye. Well only because I could move out there and work
for my present company, doing the same job, but for peanuts. I like
peanuts, just don’t like the idiots giving them out to me at the moment. I
don’t know why they call it the doorway to the west. It should be title
‘The path to slave labour’. Yes we abolished the slave trade decades ago
and we no longer ‘import’ slaves into the UK to do our work. No, these days
we just cut out the shipping them over part, and leave them as slaves in
their own country.
As China opens it doors wider to the West, the appetite for learning English
grows. Our in-country co-ordinator has selected a wide range of schools to
cater for all tastes. From primary schools to vocational colleges, you will
be able to find something to suit your requirements.
Like the nation of China itself, these schools and classes are large. You
can teach in primary schools and help the spoken English of students at
secondary school children and vocational colleges. Although there are a good
number of English teachers in your school, you might be the only one with a
native accent, which means your students will listen with rapt attention.
Some schools have no English textbooks, but a wealth of supplementary
resources is available in the library. Here, you can also devise creative
lessons using magazines in both Chinese and English, audio equipment,
overhead projectors, photocopiers, PCs and typewriters. During spare time,
satisfy your students’ hunger for English further by organising an English
Club, or help create an English Drama Club.
Also included are Chinese cookery and language lessons.
Location China Qingdao (Abroad)
Payment Pocket Money
Last Updated 10 Nov
Reference NIX96804
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