Well that was a blur. Spent so much of yesterday on another pain killer planet that I can’t remember much.
Had quite a few phone calls from agencies and companies getting back to me about my CV/Resume, which is encouraging.
Even had one for a very similar role to what I am doing now for the South of France. Its on a huge technology park between Cannes and Nice and only 5 minutes from the Med). They’ve made it sound so good, I’d almost volunteer for Tea boy. I’m going to be flying down for an interview in the next week or so, but we will see. I am more curious that serious about this one, (just because its another move).
Needless to say, there are a few job details that I get sent that don’t automatically get posted to my job blog (Job B Wotsits). Well at least until I’ve been turned down for them etc.
Oh yeah, I remember what I was doing for part of yesterday. I spent part of LMAO at the Southampton Vs. Watford match. hmmm… Enough said about that. I’ve already made a start at offending some Scummer supporters at work.
Just have to wait and see what happens on Saturday when Pompey take them on at St. Mary’s. I’m enough of a realist to know that the scummers are going to have a rocket inserted in obvious places (have to go careful how I express myself on here, because a certain number 1 son has a tendancy to read this site everynow and then). Pompey are blowing hot and cold at the moment, and with 12 fit players for a squad, we don’t exactly have our strongest team to put out. I reckon it will be quite a high scoring draw.