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I’ve been wanting to make my blog my main page and get rid of that old temporary thing that’s been up there for an age but didn’t know how to go about adding a decent menu to the main page.
I was goggling for Menu applications and came across this little gem. To download, install, learn how to drive the application and get the menu that see on my main page was achieved in less than an hour.
Its pretty daunting at first, but if you spend some time reading the help that is supplied, the tips that come up at every step of the process, it couldn’t be more simpler. It even tells you how to get the code into your documents, the java code onto your site. I half expected the author to pop in with a cup of tea and some sticky buns half way though. If I can do it, it must be simple.
As for licensing, to use it for free all you have to do is supply a link to their website, (just like the one you see on my main page). That’s it… no catches, no nothing. If you go to their site, have a look at some of the commercial webpages that use this module and its impressive. I feel all chuffed with myself now, and I hardly lifted a finger.