I had one half of the arthogram today (right hip), and it wasn?t as bad as I was expecting. It involved a surgeon injecting a dye into my hip joint using ?near? real time x-ray. The injection itself was nothing compared to the alcohol based cleaning solution which the kind doctor managed to get all over the parts that don?t react to well to alcohol being splashed on them. When the fluid is being injected, you get a sensation similar to a cramp in the joint, which soon fades as the fluid moves around the joint.
After having the injection done, I then had to have 40minutes of MRI scanning done, which was an excuse for a quick nap, (despite the noise.. for some reason, I have managed to tune it out now that I have had so many). One more arthogram to go, then it?s the caudal epidural and maybe one step closer to sorting my back out.