Farmer ‘breaks’ penis

A newly married Romanian farmer fractured his penis after ogling his young wife while carrying a heavy sack of grain.

Farmer Gheorghe Popa, 52, from Galati, had been moving the grain sacks to the barn when he stopped to watch his 25-year-old wife Loredana hang up the washing.

He got himself over excited and dropped the sack on his erect penis, snapping vital tendons and ligaments.

Doctor Nicolae Bacalbasa said: “It was a bizarre accident, and he was in a lot of pain.

“We have done what we can for him but he may never regain use of the organ again, at least for sexual purposes.”

You can read the article here at Ananova.

Me personally, I am off to get a tishue to wipe the tears from my eyes.

Security Humour

I happened across this peach of a comment on this webiste.

“The most secure computer in the world is one not connected to the internet. Thats why I recommend Charter Cable.”

The english version would of course have Charter Cable replaced by BT Internet.
As a former customer of Charter whilst in the US, I can totally relate to that statement. One of those funny “truisms”…

Is this the way to Amarillo – Parody

I’ve been reading that this is to be released in its own right, but not too sure about how they would do that when it is already in the public domain

Either way, if that bloody annoying Frog can get to number one in the charts because of download popularity, I can’t see why this version would not also be at number one for the same reason. It probably would have been number one for many weeks now if only they had a method of counting the number of downloads, or views, but thats isn’t feasible for something like this.

But, this has to be the best parody of a song I have seen by far. Percy has gone up in my ‘RN’ eyes.

You’ll never break the spirit of the British Soldier. The worlds best fighting force. We just don’t go round using it at the drop of a hat (well, not anymore since we stopped empire building that is).