Prince Harry is to be pulled out of Afghanistan after news of his secret
deployment leaked out.

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What has made me laugh about the press coverage are those arguing that the
UK Media should never have kept it quiet because “the people” have a right
to know.

A right to know what? This is not just Harry’s life we are talking about here,
what about those around him who would be put in danger. And what possible reasons
could “the UK public” have for wanting to know where he is and what he is doing
24/7 365 days of the year.

Give me a break.  He’s human, just like the rest of us. He leads a different
life to pretty much everyone else, but why should he be denied his privacy.  (Obviously
because of who he is and what he does there will be some aspects of this life
that will always be public, but where do you draw the line ?)

Those same retards that are harking on about how it’s some sort of cover up
and a denial of freedom of information are probably the same bunch who would
object to a National UK DNA database on the grounds of it being too much like
a Police State activity.

There are some people that won’t be happy until they have hounded Harry into
doing something that will get him killed, not that it hasn’t happened before…
Let me see, who was his mother again?  Journalist scum who prey on peoples
public lives are the lowest forms of life IMHO.

We seem to have lost the distinction between public and private and the media
of this day and age seems to have no responsibility what so ever. Viewing figures
and sensationalism are all that matters.

Good on Harry for going over there in the first place and kudos to the brass
who had the balls to make the decision to send him.