It is so quiet round here today. The wife and three kids flew over to Galway, Ireland until next Wednesday and it is so quiet round here. Well for so, read too quiet. Even my two dogs can’t quite work out what is wrong. One of them is sat by the front door waiting expectantly with his ever so sad eyes.
They’ve only been away the best part of a day and a half and already the house looks like a bomb has hit it, and most of it is down to the dogs. After going outside they proceeded to trample mud around the whole of the ground floor. And then my order from Watford Electronics turned up, so the front room is littered with empty boxes and parts of new computers to be.
I have one computer configured and ready to go. It’s a beast of a machine that I ordered from Watford Electronics and for just over £350 it is quite amazing. I needed to build an entry level machine for my niece and this one has specs better than my own. I was able to keep the cost down because most of the onboard systems do more than we need at the moment. Even the onboard video card is quite good, and it came with an onboard 7.1 sound card. All I had to do was order a HDD, processor, memory, mouse, keyboard and a dual layer CD/DVD burner combo. The wireless mouse and keyboard nearly got me though. I already have a wireless mouse and keyboard and the new one was from the same manufacturer. Needless to say, they don’t work too well together when both ‘mice’ are on the same mouse mat at the same time. It came pre-installed with XP Home SP II and updating it was no problem. The motherboard also has 10/100 NIC (Network Interface Card) and all I had to do was configure the settings and hook it up to my existing hub. From out of the box to all installed and set up in less than 30mins. Far too easy. I’ve checked my batteries in my smoke alarms tonight while I leave it doing a burn in. Something has to go wrong with it and I’d rather it not be a burn in the literal sense.