Ok, it’s that time again when I have to think of somewhere to go for a short weekend break.

I’ve used a lot of holiday type sites, but a great one was pointed out to me the other day.

EasyToBook concentrates on Barcelona, Amsterdam and Rome and because of that it has a lot more information about the hotels the places themselves.

Have a look at the details for Park Plaza Victoria Hotel Amsterdam and you will see what I mean.
This 4-star hotel has load of great information, maps and pictures to help you choose.

The site also claims no booking fee, which considering the very competitive prices is pretty damn good.

Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel Barcelona | Book it at EasyToBookI recently sent my parents to Barcelona for a break and they enjoyed it will probably go back.
The last time I was there (6-7 years ago), was to watch Chelsea play Barcelona in the Champions League.
Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel Barcelona was a Hotel recommended to me if I ever go back, so I might pop to EasyToBook and check it out.