When I was living in the US, one of the stores we occasionally visited for our shopping was Target. I suppose the UK equivalent was the BHS / Sainsburys combination stores, (sometimes called SavaCenters).  These days, most of the large UK stores (Tesco’s, ASDA’s, Sainsburys and Morrisons), all seem to do similar things, but still not quite on the scale that we saw in Texas, (and no, not just because everything is bigger in Texas)…

Target used to have grocery, clothing, household goods, electrical goods and various other products all under one massive roof.
It wasn’t the regular place you would do your normal grocery shopping, since the local Wally’s (Walmart) was a lot closer.

Well a spooky thing happened the other day, a colleague of mine in Australia mentioned that his local Target was going to be stocking a range of designer clothing by Josh Goot and Sally Green, the author or The Chic Alert had done an article on it.

Josh Goot at Target ?  Why so spooky? Because I happened to have the radio on at the time and they were doing a piece on the upsurge of Josh Goot at the very same time he mentioned it to me.

Josh is an Australian fashion designer, but his clothes are also featured at a number of stores in London, and I think they were talking about that on the radio.

Small world.

Anyway, check out Sally’s article because it has all the real fashion news about it.
Me, I know nothing about fashion…