Top Gear insulting, says charity

Richard Hammond (courtesy Top Gear Magazine)

Richard Hammond returned to the show on Sunday

The handling of Richard Hammond’s return to Top Gear has been branded “insensitive” and “insulting” by a charity for people with brain injury.

Headway said it had been inundated with complaints particularly over comments made by presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

It seems the ‘do gooder’ brigade have lost their sense of humour.
Jeremy Clarksons comments were made in jest and not directed at anyone else other than Hammy (Richard Hammond).
For someone to take offense at the remarks obviously shows they have a very sad outlook on life.
It’s another own goal for the PC brigade who seem to think that we can’t say nothing that stands a chance of remotely effecting someone, some people or some things.
If Clarkson had directed those comments at someone or some group outside of the studio then their might have been an argument.
I didn’t see anyone jumping to the defence of Jade Goody in the past few days (after the comments that were made about her). But then mind you did anyone disagree with those comments.

I suggest Headway should consider spending their time and resources on the real things that matter and not be trying to grab media attention by jumping on the ‘slam Jeremy Clarkson everytime he opens his mouth to breathe’ brigade.