BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Fans lose trousers to gain entry

Football’s governing body has explained why up to 1,000 Dutch fans watched a World Cup tie wearing no trousers.
Around 1,000 fans arrived for the Ivory Coast tie in their traditional bright orange trousers – but bearing the logo and name of a Dutch brewery.

To protect the rights of the official beer they were denied entry, so the male fans promptly removed the trousers and watched the game in underpants.

It amazed me at the start of the World Cup that Anheuser Busch was trying to stop people from drinking German beer around the stadiums of the World Cup. Hmm.. .Would you rather drink Budweiser or a German Beer (some of the best beers in the world are German, and that comes from a Brit !!).

To see that they’ve taken it to the level where fans could not go into the stadium because of their trousers (which you can’t really see) is an absolute farce.

If they are going to be that pendantic, I’d like to see Carlsberg supply the tee-shirts and bras of the Brazilian fans. That would take our minds of any dreary performance from them this time.