BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Fans threaten to boycott 007 film
James Bond fans angered by the decision to cast actor Daniel Craig as 007 have launched a website threatening to boycott the new film Casino Royale.

What a bunch of total jerks! When you first visit you are presented with a clean looking site with a few graphics and a lot of wind (I mean text).
Other than that, there isn’t anything substantial there.
At present, there isn’t a list of people who support the site or there isn’t a method for contacting the site. They have no forum for discussion, they have no poll that shows results.

Basically, it just appears to be some poor misguided Bond fanatic used to living in a false world who has registered a domain name with Yahoo on the cheap, created a few basic web pages on Yahoo domain space and decided to express their opinions.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for expressing ones opinion, and I respect the authors for doing so. And likewise this is only my opinion.

But the guy hasn’t even made the film yet and you are slamming him. Do you know anything of his acting abilities? From what I have seen of him, he is a first rate actor and more than capable of filling the job description.
As to whether or not he makes a good James Bond, well I have to admit I am not qualified to make that decision UNTIL I"VE SEEN THE FILM. If he is bad, I’ll say so. But to slam a person because of his looks? Because of his past characters he has played? Check out his acting career and you’l find that what have posted amounts to nothing short of a personal attack/insult.

They have no research of their own and point to ‘online polls’. From the media that faciliated the circus around his introduction. For christsake, within minutes of him sailing down the Thames wearing a life jacket he was slaughtered in the press.
Somebody pointed out that the "Real James Bond" would not have worn a life jacket. You complete wassocks, the "Real James Bond" for one would have had a standin during the film, and the standin (stuntman) would have warn a life jacket but had the thing CGI’d out. Now get this all those stuck in the movies and who haven’t made it back into real life. The introduction was "Real", there was no CGI. Could you imagine the headlines that would have been if "New James Bond Drowned in River Thames After Boating Accident".

So because of this attempt at humour by one journalist, it quickly became the "He’s not man enough to play bond" brigade ripping up the media into a frenzy… Ok, perhaps 100,00 people isn’t quite a frenzy. I should perhaps mention that to the folks at I don’t think Broccoli and Wilson will lose much revenue if only 100,00 people don’t turn up. The numbers from those people will be made up by the number of fans that Craig has anyway.

As for the Press section of the site at, they list the The New York Times, London Daily Mirror, Calgary Sun,Cleveland Plain Dealer,,,FilmRadar.Com, and Not exactly reputable sources of information are they? Most of them do anything to sell papers or gain an audience and were probably hoping to jump on the bandwagon that was created on the first day. And even then the articles quoted mostly state they recognise him as a good actor, but blame the problem on the way it was handled.

I agree with the site ( ) in expressing their concerns and displeasure at having Craig selected as a the new Bond, but not to the extent that they need to make it personal. You don’t know what he will be like as the new Bond, so why not wait and see it. You lost your beloved Brosnan, so damed what. Stop crying, get back down the Blue Oyster Bar and wait for the movie. When you’ve seen it, if it is crap, then start a website to say "He’s got to go, he’s just not good enough". Don’t push you personal attacks on the world, by all means your views, but don’t make it personal.

At least make it balanced, there is no "For" and "Against", only "Attack".

I reckon if they had a forum, or an email address or a comment board, there would be a minority of the Bond Fans/Film goers that would complain. Because people who complain do just that. The more sensible appreciative of society tend not to feel the need to voice their opionions to the public.

I’ve a good mind to start up "" and allow people to actually express their views both negative and postive. He could end up to be the best Bond there ever has been? But you won’t know that until you’ve seen it. He could be the worst Bond we’ve ever seen, but we won’t know that either. See the common theme in that argument? You have to wait to see the film. (Not that the pressure he is being put under by the media and a small minorty of so called Bond Fans.

The website authors should go view the comments on the BBC website ( and get a real feel for at least the British publics views on it.