Russia’s Federal Nuclear Energy Agency has made a decision to build a low capacity floating nuclear power plant (FNPP), the first project of its kind in the world. The plant will be small and will produce roughly 1/150th of the power produced by a standard Russian nuclear power plant. Construction could begin in 2006 if the project finds financing.

I nearly choked on my cuppa when I read this headline. Erm, excuse me, a floating mobile Power Plant. (Or change that to a floating mobile terrorist platform!!!).

And not that I have a lack of faith in the Russian Nuclear Industry (erm..Chernobyl?), but a floating platform!

It just seems a little dangerous to me to have this ‘thing’ sat off the coast pumping cooling water through its systems, or breaking its moorings and running aground.

No doubt there are systems in place to guard against any incidents, and in reality, is it any difference from a nuclear power plant as used on many of our submarines/warships.

And on the plus side, it is not a fossil fuel hog, and one would therefore hope, providing it works properly, a damn site more healthier for our environment.