I’ve just read an article on the BBC Web site (Healthy food angers school pupils) where a group of pupils have started a petition to bring back chips and other so called ‘unhealthy’ food.

The part that made me laugh was that one of the grandmothers of the children (someone called Jane Channing) has supplied the reasons why they should not be brought back in her reasons for bringing them back.

She says:

“At the end of the day, it’s the kids that are eating the food, not Tony Blair, or Jamie Oliver, or the council,” she said.
“It’s the children that are eating it so they should be given a vote on what’s on their plates – if the kids don’t eat anything, that’s not going to do them any good.

She says if the kids are not eating the new healthy food, then its not going to do them any good. So letting them eat unhealthy food would be erm, healthier for them?
I don’t think so. Does she really think they are going to go hungry? Ok, lets spoil them and give them back their chips and fatty burgers and maybe lets start a campaign to bring back Turkey Twizzlers. Does she think that letting them eat that sort of food is going to be good for them? I think not.

It would be better for them to go hungry rather than eat that junk food, and if they really got hungry they would eat the healthier options available. I mean come on, don’t try and tell me that these kids go hungry. Go look up some photos of some of the kids in Africa, now they are hungry kids.

If we don’t make a stance now, Mrs Granny will be long gone when her grandchildren are paying for the junk food they ate when younger. She’ll be long gone when their arteries are closed up, they can’t climb the stairs without losing breath, they live expectancy would be 50 years, or they have type II diabetes by the time they are 55.

The healthier food isn’t bad, it is just not what they want. So lets not pander to their every whim, lets take a stand and do something for their own good. I put my children’s health before anything else. They still get their McDonalds but its a treat not a weekly meal. They still get their chips from the chippy, but its a once a month thing, not an every other day meal. They eat their crisps, but not until they’ve had their daily fruit. And I don’t have to force them to do it, they have been taught the need to eat healthy and mostly make the choice on their own.

So instead of standing with your Grandchildren Mrs Channings, stand up for them. If you want to look after them don’t feed them junk, encourage them to eat properly. And don’t ever tell me they will go hungry. Children in the UK don’t know the meaning of the word hungry.