Has St. Harry (Harry Rednapp) finally got the team sorted out and will this be the start of a revival?

Looking at the other teams around us, I don’t hold out much hope right now. I’ll review that in a few more games. At least we have the easier run in to the end of the season than other teams around us.

Mendes did score two great goals though. The second was the better, if only for the fact it was scored well in to injury time and was so important. Let us hope it gives the team a boost in confidence.

I don’t have to worry about Chelsea, the Premiership should be theirs, barring them getting kicked out of the league for something.

But Gillingham are going to make me sweat it to the end of the season as well.

Looks like I am not going to have any nails come the World Cup. Talking of which, for my birthday last week, my kids got me one of the swanky new England tops. The only bad thing is, it has Owen and #10 on the back. Not a real problem, I quite like Owen and he will probably be in the side. But being 6ft 3in, perhaps Crouch would have been a better choice. But at least I have a new England top and regardless of whatever it says on the back, it was a great pressie from my kids 🙂