Piggybank_New: “Whether you’re planning to host a special event for a large group of people such as a wedding reception, or perhaps a gathering of friends or business colleagues, then you should consider featuring a pig roast. Allow the image of a slow roasted pig cooked to perfection over 15 hours, to be seasoned by the fact that the pigs selected for our hog roasts are all from traditional British rare breeds, bred specifically for their outstanding pork or bacon

Then allow this picture simmer gently for some time, confident in the knowledge that we do not use feed that has been enhanced with artificial chemical growth promoters so that the meat that you are eating is of a naturally fine quality.
And finally you have all the ingredients together for a mouth-watering event ! ”

This is something I’ve always wanted to try. This company provides the whole shebang which sounds like a good way to do it.
I’ve always wanted to dig my own pit and slow roast a hog over charcoals all day, but this company would probably help prevent me from giving everyone food poisoning.
I wonder if the wife would notice that I spent �385.00 on a take away next weekend, or why there is a dirty great van parked on my drive cooking it. hmmm… I am starving now…
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