Those who use the Feed2JS script on my server will no doubt have noticed that I have finally updated both Feed2JS and MagpieRSS.

(For those non-technical of you, those are two modules that exist on my server and are used to provide syndicated content in web pages).

I was a couple of releases behind the latest on both modules and thought it best to update. One of the improvements is an improvement with the cache mechanism. You should also notice some speed improvements.

There is also a new method of displaying a link when clicked using a javascript function to produce a pop-up.

I did have a couple of hiccups when I rolled the new code onto the server so if I broke any of your pages I apologize. I also removed the “Powered by” at the bottom. Most of you were kind enough to include a link back to my site anyway so there wasn’t really a need to have it on every syndicated feed.

Anyone else wanting to use the service on my server is welcome to do so. There are quite a few people using it right now and the bandwidth doesn’t appear too much of a load on my server. If the situtation arrises in the future where bandwidth becomes a problem, I will have to relocate the modules to a different server, but I will attempt to contact as many users as I can if this ever happens.

You can find the script here: