Which products does Microsoft Update support?
In addition to Windows updates, the Microsoft Update website offers updates for some Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office 2003, Office XP, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft SQL Server. Typically, only updates for the latest version of each product are offered.

This is something I didn’t know until I read it on the SANS site in that Office Updates are now included as part of Windows Update.

That has always been a pet hate of mine having to visit two updates sites in order to keep my computer up to date. (Not that I actually have to visit the Windows Update site since that is done automatically, but I always forget to check the Office Update site.

I mention this partly because I am waiting for a fix/patch for MS Word which everynow and the dies for no reason (well, not exactly no reason, it dies because its a piece of poop). Luckily, I haven’t lost any data so far). MS know its a bug and are working on a fix (or have been working on a fix for the past 3 months, so it can’t be too high a priority).