I took the 3 kids up to my parents place in Kent today for one of my nieces birthdays.

It is hard to belive that today she was 18 years old. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday, and believe me it feels like it was just yesterday. I had joined the Royal Navy one day before my 20th birthday in March the same year she was born.

I had been drafted to HMS Collingwood to complete my technical training and recieved a phone call to let me know my sister had just given birth to a baby girl,(there was no such thing as text messages back then).

I remember going out to wet the babies head, which probably back then in those days ended up drowning it. I can even remember the hangover the next day…

She’ll be out tonight legally drinking in the pubs and clubs. Just as well we don’t live in the US anymore because she still wouldn’t be able to drink legally over there for another 3 more years.

My mum and dad laid on a great BBQ and we all stuffed ourselves with far too much food. There were 7 kids running round the back yard and luckily the weather improved and the day ended in bright sunshine with the temp feeling like it was in the high 20’s.

After driving back home tonight, I felt absolutely cream crackered, proving to me that not only did I feel like I am getting old.

In another 7 years, it will be the turn of my eldests boy to have his 18th… Jeesh, now that is a scary thought..

It was great to see Vikki today and wish her the best on her 18th. I know my dad will probably read this sometime tomorrow and he’ll show her next time she pops round. He’ll be laughing when he reads this next bit and she’ll be mortified (I wonder if she did get up to do the kareoke tonight?). When I’ve found my cell phone I’ll upload a few pics of her and cake 😉 That will have her reaching for the phone!! You wait until I get the pics from her night out 🙂