Now that I have finally rid my body of the virus that kept me out of hospital, I’ve been keeping really busy on various projects.
I keep an eye on the blogger user support forum hosted on Yahoo Groups, (which reminds me to check and see if there is one on Google, the home of Blogger).
After emailing back and forth between a guy called Chris York, I’ve been helping him out setting up a few of his sites ( and
Chris is an aspiring author and with what I have read so far, I wouldn’t bet against him going quite far in the publishing world. I have to be able to relate to an author and I found that quite easy with his work I have read so far.
Chris had/has a number of blogs on (blogsite), but with some of the things he wanted to do with the site, he purchased a MoveableType account. MoveableType is one of the many other blogging tools out there and I’m quite impressed with it so far. It was relatively easy to import all of his previous posts from his blogger account into the new MT acount. The hardest part of all, was catching Blogger during a stable moment long enough to allow me to export the old posts. Blogger has been having quite a few ups and downs the past few weeks, but in saying that, it was very quick this morning.
March is also the season of college Basketball in the US (March Madness). It is one of the many things I miss now that we are no longer living in Texas. Chris set up a Bracket on the CBS website which brings back a few memories.
As a side point, if you ever wanted to see an example of a real-time dynamic website, have a look here (Sportsline Scoreboard) Once the games start, this page is amazing enough, but click on a game in progress and it is totally amazing. From a nerdy point, just consider the amount of data that is being updated, the possible number of people who are viewing it, and it is amazing it works like it does.
It doesn’t make up for not being able to watch the games on the TV, (even then, for $19.99 I could have watched every game live on the internet. Which when you consider that average ticket prices are $150 each and have been sold out for months, its not a bad deal).
We’ve been working on the basic design of the blog, and I’m in the process of documenting what we have done to allow Chris to take over the upkeep and maintenance. I have a few more scripts to write to ease the burden, and make it a little more dynamic, but the basic blog is there.
Chris also has a neat little project in the pipeline that I hope to be able to work with him on, but you will have to read his blog to see what it is all about.