I happened to be reading a site today when I came across someone making a joke of little kids and sex. That sort of thing really gets my goat up, and I fired off a comment and for good measure posted his DNS details too.
Well, I don’t know if it I had just taken an extra does of my painkillers, or whether I just flipped the ‘go off ya trolley switch’, but I really should have read the guys site first, and then actually read his post properly.
Ok, the language is strong… mine probably would be if I didn’t know my eldest boy sometimes reads this blog.
And I don’t agree with some of his non-PC posts, but I did LMAO at a few of them.
Plus I am a firm believer of, “If you find things offensive, don’t go there”, and not of the “Ban, all sites that I don’t agree with”.
Plus to top it all off, when I actually went back and re-read the ‘offending’ post, it was actually a joke aimed at the Catholic Priests.
So I couldn’t have been more wrong if I had tried. I will apologise to the guy in my most humblest of voices, but I can’t believe I flew off the handle so quick. A dumbass… I really should read before I leap.