I tell you what. If Camilla becomes Queen of England, I will be buying self adhesive
stamps from now on. For some reason, I just couldn’t quite face the prospect.

Personally, I don’t know what all the fuss was about. Charles should have
been allowed to marry her all those years ago, but for some reason was not

It probably came down to whether she had the right blood lines, whether she
could have children, or she failed some genetic test. (I can’t quite help notice
she does have an abundance of the ugly gene so perhaps someone did us a favour).

But who are we to choose who marries who. People are complaining about the
head of the church not being a good example. When was the last time the complainers
went to church? And how many of the complainers are divorced or separated?
Again, it comes down to the press massaging the people to generate their headlines
to sell their papers.

Joking aside, she is not going to be queen and no doubt she will have a title
of sort. The most important title to her is that she will be Mrs. Charles Mountbatten-Windsor.

There will be the fans of the late Diana who will hate her just because of
who she is, or rather who she is not. The media played a large part in ?whipping?
the nation into frenzy of grief not seen before and made her out to be an idol.
She was not prepared for Royal life. Camilla will be prepared and will fit
into the Royal family better than Diana could ever have done. But I don?t think
that was a fault of Diana and I yet again blame the press for the pressure
that they put on to those in the public eye. Some things I believe to be sacrosanct
and ?ones? privacy would be at the top of my list, regardless of what some
money grabbing newspaper editor thinks of that. I wonder how many peoples marriages
would survive given the same amount of exposure as that given to the Royals
and our stars alike. Not many I would bet.

All I see are two people who want to express their love for each other by
marrying. Both of them know what is at stake, the pressures that they will
face, the scrutiny that will accompany it, yet their love for each other means
more than all of that and more put together. That alone is worth respect. Let
us not chase another marriage into a tunnel where the only thing that comes
out the other end is sadness.

And let us hope we all get a day off out of it.