Well as far as Chelsea, Gillingham and Pompey go, this Saturday was the first time this season that ALL three of them won on the same day (or weekend).

None of the three matches where straight forward victories either. Gillingham went 1 – 0 down to Blackpool and I thought "Oh no, here we go again". But against the run of form and despite their squad being weakened by many injuries, they pulled together and came back to win the game 2 – 0.

Likewise Portsmouth went 1 – 0 down at Middlesborough to an early penalty. Their away form hasn’t been the greatest this season, (and come to think of it, being so close to the bottom, their home form can’t be considered too great either!). Pompey though never seem to give up, and despite my obvious bias, are often unlucky with the results they have had this season. It was also down to a rather comical goal keeping error that gave them a way back into the match, but the goal of the month was definitely scored by Matty Taylor when he lobbed the keeper from at least 35-40 yards which a tremendous shot that flew into the net.
Pompey finally ran out 4 – 1 winners which has to be their best result of the season. Let us hope that this is the start of a run of much needed good form.

Now Chelsea got off to their usual start and took a 2 – 0 lead and it looked like they were heading towards another victory. For some reason they almost went to sleep and found themselves at 2 – 2 before anyone realised it. Jose Mourinho must have gone nuts at them because in the second half they woke up and started going about Blackburn eventually winning 4 – 2 thanks to another great performance from Frank Lampard.

Now if only my sons team (Lodden FC) could have played like they have done for the past 3 games (which they have won). Arriving at the ground at 10.15 with the kick off at 10.30, the heavens opened and it rained like it does in Texas. Visibility was down to feet, not yards. It was bouncing back up off the grass and in no time at all we were saturated. Even with the umbrella up, it couldn’t keep the rain out as the wind was blowing it everywhere. Unluckily, Lodden were playing into the wind in the first half and soon went down 3 – 0 by half time. In the second half things went better to start off with when Lodden scored an early goal to make it 3 -1. Chris who is the biggest player in their team tried his own copy of Pompeys Matty Taylor and struck a good 30 yard shot (with the wind) that sailed into the top of the goal. Then unfortunately, Wycombe scored on the break almost straight away to make it 4 – 1. From that point on their heads dropped and they couldn’t string much together. They came close a number of times, only for Wycombe to catch them on the break again and make it 5 -1. Well after 3 wins, perhaps they needed a wake up call to make them remember that they have to play for it, and not expect to win.