For anyone looking for a new host I can offer the following:
2GB Space!
50 GB of Transfer!!
500 E-mail Accounts!!
Contract US Host UK Host
One Year $9.45 £6.49
Two Year $8.45 £5.49
Three Month $9.99 £7.99
Six Month $9.99 £7.99
Both the US and UK plans are backed up with 24 hour support, and all the usual things.
I’m in the process of putting this on my new site but thought I’d offer it here first.
But don’t just take those prices above as concrete. Email me and I can work something out, since they are just approximate costs. Anyone who contacts me via my blog will automatically get a discount.
I’ll be offering loads of extra services later on this year too, so check back here and at to see what I am up to.