Ok… First post after the weekend and after I spent yesterday re-installing XP Professional on my work machine, (home work machine).
Everything went smoothly apart from losing all of my emails. I have some from backups made in November 2004, but lost the bulk of it.
Teach me for not having backups I hear you say. Well I did, sort of. I use Handy Backup to manage all my needs and it works extremely well. I have a schedule that backs up emails each day at 4am. At 12pm, I have a schedule on the first PC that uploads all my back ups from the networked PC’s and stores them in a central location. So each machine should have its own backups, with a spare copy on the central server. Now this would work fine if only your remembered to add the right PST file to the back up list. So for the last 3 months, I have been backing up my signature file. Doh. Oh well, at least is was the only hiccup.
Which reminds me about my original post. Having lost my emails, my back emails and my backed up backup emails, I lost several licence/registration mails that I needed.
One of which was for AVG by Grisoft. Now how about this for Support turnaround time. I emailed them at 14.04pm, and received the reply at 14.07pm. Now either I am their only customer, or that is one heck of a response time. PANDA!!… are you listening???
I would say they’ve got a customer for life, but I said that about Panda. But I will recommend them as my number one choice for AV solutions right now, both free and subscribed. Now I just have to hope that all the other people I emailed to retrieve my details are just as efficient, though I suspect not.