Wanadoo or more correctly, WotALotOfPooDo
Inside my order from Watford Electronics came a flyer for Wanadoo internet connections, so out of interest I thought I would have a look. Well a look turned into a laugh! Who are they kidding??
They offered 3 tiers of Broadband at 17.99, 22.99 & 27.99 (UKP – I still can’t find the pound sign on this US Keyboard I bought back with me?.)
For the 17.99 you get a 2Gb download cap, or as they say:
56 hours of surfing?. (there are 744 in a month (ish!)), but then who could surf for a whole month?
You can send or receive 800 mails (without attachments? so I guess that must also mean text based email, and not fancy html, oh – and don’t attach a signature because that would reduce it too). And the way things are going, 799 of those will probably be spam.
I could download 20 music tracks a month? (When I was in Fort Worth on my swanky 10Mb connection, I could do that in hours, let alone a month? jeesh)
I can send or receive 60 photo emails a month? wow 🙁
But I can watch 0.5 hours of video. It would take me months to watch some videos online? I don’t think so?
And I can play online games for 1.5 hours a month? Ok for space invaders though not good for much else.. (apart from limiting the amount of time I play online I suppose, or my kids)
For an extra 10 UKP a month you get 30Gb a month cap? That?s a whopping 27.99 a month.
I hate caps, there should be no need for them these days other than to prevent an additional family member from appearing. The only excuse for having a cap is to justify charging more. Every Japanese home has a 100Mb/sec internet connection in their home. No need for them to visit their local Brockbuster. They can download a movie in less time it takes us to get to our nearest store.
They only briefly mention that some people may not be able to get the 1Meg and would have to drop down to 512K. But they do mention that if you can’t get 1Meg, you will automatically get the 512k for the same price !!!
I was a PIPEX customer before I left for the US, and have been a PIPEX customer since returning to the UK over a year ago now. In that time, I have had no problems whatsoever with their connection. BT had a few problems with my wiring at the end of the street, but my connection is on 24/7 and I can’t recall any outages due to PIPEX.
I’d recommend them over Wotalotapoo any day…(Oh, and they are french)